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It’s All in the Activity!

You’ve been successful in sales and made an impact in your business but now sales are starting to fall off. So what went wrong and how can you get back on track? Activity! We all know that people help to drive and sustain business. You may have the best product or service but if people …

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Business Results

Recently, I met with a client to discuss how to effectively manage the performance of her staff so that she could effectively measure the results of her business. Sounds simple enough right? Read on! My client didn’t understand that while her staff was working, she truly had no idea as to whether or not the …

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Planning and Building a Sustainable Business

Building your business and developing yourself are both growth processes that will occur over time. Building a business implies having to develop your skills and/or manage other people who can build the necessary processes to perform necessary business functions. While many people equate success with working, truly successful people attribute their success to having a …

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